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Hershey Halloween Dance
January 3rd, 2011 under HS School Dances. [ Comments: none ]

On Thursday night October 28, 2010, we went to an entertaining costume party at Hershey High School. It was a smaller event, but those in attendance looked good and had fun. You can see them all below in the pictures we have on the link. Students come up with the wildest outfits and team up with other students to make for a great Halloween party. Enjoy!


Hempfield Homecoming
January 3rd, 2011 under HS School Dances. [ Comments: none ]

On the date of October 23, 2010, Mixed Impressions DJs pulled a double and entertained our biggest event of the year. Hempfield High Homecoming dance with an estimated 1400 students! Look at the sea of students in this picture.

We had speakers set up at points around the gym so everyone heard the hottest hip hop dance music mixes out there today! DJ Mark Haines kept the sound thumping and the lights dancing around the packed gym. Here a group of students stopped to pose for the camera.

What a fun night, these students know how to have a good time. We have more pictures on the link below of the hundreds of students just dancing the night away.


Ephrata Homecoming
January 2nd, 2011 under HS School Dances. [ Comments: none ]

October 16th, Mixed Impressions DJs traveled to Ephrata for their annual Homecoming Dance. We have had the pleasure of returning to Ephrata year after year for this wonderful event. The students at Ephrata are simply put, awesome! They just come to have a good time. Check out in this picture!

We have a great history with working with the students and faculty at Ephrata. We bring an awesome light show and today’s hottest mixes. Here, both DJ Matt Haines and brother Mark Haines were there and lighting up the dance floor with both the lights and music.

Thank you Ephrata! We look forward to Prom season! Check out more pictures, click on the link below.


Cocalico Homecoming
December 28th, 2010 under HS School Dances. [ Comments: none ]

We pulled the double booking on October 9, 2010. DJ Mark Haines traveled to Cocalico and played for the crew of students at Cocalico High School. A school that Mixed Impressions DJs has had the pleasure of entertaining for years! It’s been fun and this is a school we contract for for a total of 3 events throughout the school year.

This year we added the Prom again for Cocalico. Thanks to the greta students and faculty at Cocalico for years of fun and entertainment.

Palmyra Homecoming
December 28th, 2010 under HS School Dances. [ Comments: none ]

On October 9, 2010 we traveled to Lebanon County for the Palmyra Homecoming. MIDJs have been entertaining there for all but two years since the late 90′s. What a great school it has been to work with over the years. One thing that they have always…ALWAYS excelled in was the preperation and decorating for the big event. 2010 was no exception. Check it out below.


DJ Matt Haines rocked the night away for the school that had 500 to 600 students in attendance. What a great night. We are looking forward to the Winter Formal.  Thanks Palmyra for the years of business. Check out a few pictures below.


Penn Manor Homecoming
October 3rd, 2010 under HS School Dances. [ Comments: none ]

On October 2, 2010, we traveled to Penn Manor High School, for another Homecoming. MIDJs has had the pleasure of coming back to Penn Manor year after year for the Homecoming and other events. This is a huge event, with over 1000 students! Just check out the sea of students.

We had a full range of sound coming from all directions on the dance floor. We had a an awesome light show to bring the nightclub effect to Penn Manor. We saw tons of fun from everyone. You can see that below from these students that stopped to pose for the camera.

WHat a huge party, and a lot of fun for MIDJs. Thanks to Penn Manor for another successful Homecoming Dance!


Hershey Homecoming
October 3rd, 2010 under HS School Dances. [ Comments: none ]

On Saturday night, September 25th, the 2010 Homecoming season got started for Mixed Impressions Disc Jockeys at Hershey High School. They open up the gym and load up some 600 students. MIDJs rocked the house all night with the latest and greatest hip hop dance music out right now! We had a light show going with the latest LED lights.

We kept the crowd from beginning to end. Something we pride ourselves on dance after dance, year after year. Please check out a couple of pictures we have below.


Palmyra Winter Formal
April 10th, 2010 under HS School Dances. [ Comments: none ]

On Saturday, February 13, 2010, we travedl to Palmyra for a Winter Formal. What a blast, unlike Homecoming where you have the Queen, at the Winter Formal the guys come in and a King is crowned!

After the festivities, we got down to some fun dancing as you see below.

Palmyra 2-13-10

We kept the party going till 10:30 and everyone was having a great time. Thanks Palmyra, we had fun! Check out a few more pictures below.


Garden Spot Winter Formal
January 24th, 2010 under HS School Dances. [ Comments: none ]

On Saturday January 23rd, MIDJs traveled to New Holland and entertained the students at Garden Spot High School. We played a variety of music and went back in time and played the request of “We Like to Party” and the students got the train going as you see below.


These students came to dance! They had their hands in the air, the feet groovin’ to the beat and it never stopped. DJ Matt Haines kept the beats going all night for a great dance! We look forward to the opportunity to go back to Garden Spot in the future. Check out more fun pictures from this dance.


Elizabethtown High School
January 24th, 2010 under HS School Dances. [ Comments: none ]

The next night, January 16th, we traveled to E-town College for a dance for the High School. This was the Winter Formal that was rescheduled from the snow storm in December. What an awesome night. As you see below it was a hand raising experience!


We played all the hot mixes and fancy dances. Below you see a couple students doing the Cotton Eye Joe dance!


Mixed Impressions DJ’s has the honor of entertaining for Elizabethtown High School at their Prom in May. It was an awesome night on the college campus. Check out more pictures below.


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